15 August 2017

Nossssaaa 😍😍😍
#glaciernationalpark #montana

15 August 2017

Kickin it in Montana

2 August 2017

Is there a way
For you to shine
Without fear
From other worlds
But you can't say
What keeps you here
Dancing on the astral plane
Holy water, cleansing rain
Floating through the stratosphere
Blind, but yet you see so clear

Can't waitttt to see @thevaleriejune tomorrow on Santa Monica beach 🎶 been my soundtrack to all my road trips and late night musings this year 🔮 #theorderoftime

24 July 2017

Your journey poured over in mine
Sending a current down my spine
I'm drowning while you help me breathe
I can't stay and I can't leave
Flashes of light in stormy seas
Now that you've got me down on my knees

18 July 2017

Just saw Sofar Sounds posted my performance of my song This is Home with my <3 Sarah de Warren from our Sofar Sounds Prague show!

12 July 2017

Can't have joy
Without the sorrow
Gotta let the past go
To embrace tomorrow
My heart was broken
To open my faith
Nothing but love pours out each day
Reggae'ing my blues away in Asheville at the first open mic I've done in a longggg time (thanks to my Airbnb host Bob for the intel and guitar, 5 ⭐️ for sure)

#openmic #acoustic #asheville

5 July 2017

'Standing for ❤️ trumping hate on America's bday
#happy4th #dc

4 July 2017

Celebrating the America I'm proud to be a part of today- the America that unites to protect civil liberties and stands up in the face of injustice. May this 4th bring us one step closer to truly achieving liberty and justice for all! Today, I'm donating to ACLU Nationwide in honor of America's birthday for its continued efforts to protect the rights given to us in the Constitution. #independenceday #july4th #standyourground

29 June 2017

Despacito Thursdays 🤠

26 June 2017

If you love yourself, you love others
If you hate yourself, you hate others
Because in relationships with others
The other is nothing but a mirror
#reflecting #mondaymantra

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