Jun 22, 2018

Holding the immigrant children and their families at the border in my heart. It’s our duty as human beings to stand up and use our voices and platforms when we witness an injustice. Please consider donating to ACLU and RAICES to support their efforts to provide free and low cost legal services to underserved immigrant families in Texas and help reunite families. I’m also so incredibly proud (always- and especially now) to be the sister of an attorney who chose to use her law degree to serve children from Central America as they seek asylum here in the states. Love you so much @bakerkarens ❤️

Jun 16, 2018

Pre-race stretch

Jun 13, 2018

Get lit, stay fit 🔥

Jun 11, 2018

Feliz cumpleaños a mi amiga más energética, más leal, más llena de adventures del mundo. Te adoro mi vi y no puedo esperar ver tus éxitos en el año que viene. #tipo #gorda #culebra @camikeller

Jun 11, 2018

Actions are fast and answers come slow
Relaxing into what I don’t know Cause the silent moments in between
Reveal the meaning of things unseen

📷 @drewkass

Jun 10, 2018

¿Que hora son mi corazón?

Jun 9, 2018

Namaste rosé @drinkbev

Jun 7, 2018

Just a few space cadets whose rocket landed atop this strange land of Los Angeles 🚀 👽

Jun 6, 2018

That warm and fuzzy feeling when your bestie since 6th grade drama class rolls through town
mereditz101 x polakcanadianQT 🤗

Jun 4, 2018

Every once in a while I remember I’m from Texas and and decide to learn a country song 🤠 🥃 #tequila

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